Hello, my name is Kai Yost!

I am a recent graduate from The University of Georgia, Class of 2020. I recieved degrees for a B.A. in Film Studies and an B.A. in Entertainment and Media Studies. Additionally, I received a Certificate in New Media from the New Media Institute at Grady College, and minored in Studio Art with a focus on photography and videography at the Lamar Dodd School of Art.

As a student at The University of Georgia, I have had the unique opportunity to work on several short films and creative projects with the goal of crafting dynamic media. My priority is always to put the story first, and to make sure that the workplace is a productive and creative environment.

I have strong leadership skills and a strong desire to help others in every aspect of my work, which is bolstered by my organizational skills and ability to take initiative to solve problems.

I produce, shoot, and edit digital video in order to create dynamic content for online audiences. I specialize in narrative fiction and short documentary production. Additionally, I work as a Production Assistant for production offices and on set. In my free time, I create my own content with the goal of writing and directing film.

Aside from my work, I like to create art and watch and review films, including reading and relating to film theory. I also love to play D&D and read, and to take my dog on walks.

I specialize in video production, specifically in the aspects of cinematography and editing. My strong leadership and ability to previsualize projects are valuabel assets to any film crew. Additionally, I am organized, with the skills to work as a script supervisor and production assistant both on set and in the office for creative and dynamic media.

What I do?

Here are some of my expertise


I specialize in digital film production, especially with DSLR and AVCCAM cinematography and editing. I am an AVID Media Composer Certified User, and I have extensive experience with the Adobe Creative Suite.


I am skilled in DSLR portrait photography, and am available for commissioned photoshoots. Please contact me for more information.


I work in logo and concept design to best optimize online presence with creative visuals, using Adobe Illustrator.


I have experience in using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Harlowe to create interactive media and web designs, including WordPress and Bootstrap sites, as well as Twine games.

Writing & Communication

I maintain research and critical collections of work regarding my specialties in film theory and history. Additionally, I write creatively and on commission.

Interactive Digital Media

All of my skills accumulate to provide skills to create interactive and dynamic media, including Twine games and social media campaigns.

My Work

Recent Work

NMIX 4110

Education, New Media Certificate, NMIX

My work for the New Media Production course demonstrates my education in basic HMTL, CSS, and JavaScript. It also incudes my first works in web design and dynamic media.

The Chapel Bell

The Chapel Bell, Videography, Editing, Directing

My work on the video team and, subsequently, as the Lead Video Editor for The Chapel Bell demonstrate my abilities to tell stories in a positive, inspiring manner. Included videos display my editing abilities, as well as footage that I captured and/or directed. Other credits are included with each project.

Get in Touch!

Contact me at kai.yost13@gmail.com !